Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hello there...

Regarding the title of this blog, I seem to be obsessed with both.

After 10 days off I'm back to work. I was introduced to blogs, especially Yarn Harlot, over my vacation -- my lovely housemate Laura was reading her posts to me over morning tea. Laura has pictures of my cats (Twilly & Abbey) and a picture of a hat I made a couple of days ago. I'll post pictures of some of the stuff I finished knitting over my vacation when I get home... Fair warning: I'm a major Luddite (and proud of it), so this will probably be an infrequently updated venture. Frankly, I'd rather be spinning and knitting and out looking for salamanders than writing about it. But on the fiber side, Laura tells me that this will give me incentive to *actually finish* projects. On the salamander side, it might let me keep people posted in the spring when the little guys start waking up and heading to their vernal pools. We'll see.

Meanwhile I should get back to work...I'm planning a fiber camp for kids over February Vacation and fiber arts workshops for the spring.


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