Saturday, January 08, 2005

Rescue Mission Accomplished!

2:30 on Friday. The call comes in: couple moving. House closing on Friday. Situation, dire: one 48" 8-harness Macomber loom to be chopped into bits and carted off to the dump (GASP!) or donated to the Village if we can pick it up on Saturday morning. "It's really big," she said.

Friday evening. Loom Rescue Team formed on behalf of fiber artists everywhere.

9:15 Saturday morning. Braving predictions of more snow, the Rescue Team set out with Mapquest paper, tools for disassembly & blankets for wrapping and soon arrived in a suburb of the lovely city of Concord. Upon entering the house the Rescue Team could hear the small peeping "Save me! Save me!"from the loom in the basement (the basement!) It was alone, scared, and clearly ready to find a permanent, loving home having been made in Saugus, MA, moved to Newfoundland, then Maine, then the Concord suburbs and *never used*.

10:30. Extraction of the loom from the basement. It was heavy. With *some difficulty* the Rescue Team wedged it up and out of the bulkhead. Ouch. Definitely not going to fit in the car.

11:00. En route to Salisbury to Rescue Team Leader's mommy's house to borrow the pickup truck.

11:30. En route back to Concord. It started snowing.

12:00 (Really snowing...) Arrived back in Concord. Loom parts packed into the car & loom hoisted into pickup bed, but because of truck cap, it had to go in sideways and wouldn't clear to wheel wells. So it stuck out a bit...

12:10. The loom is in protective custody (you can breathe now...)

12:30 (Really, really snowing...) Arrived at the Village. Rescue Team leader forgot her keys, but the loom was ecstatic nevertheless as it was unloaded into the barn. A new lease on life!! We'll put it somewhere else (?????) on Monday (did I mention it's really big?)

1:15 (Really, really, really snowing...) Back in Salisbury to return the truck. Tea was served. A pleasant time had by all.

4:30 (Still snowing...) Home sweet home. Mission accomplished. One loom is saved from the flames of hell (or the Concord incinerator).

7:20 (Still snowing??) Evil kittens have taken over the couch, feigning cuteness and sleep, only to get their murderous claws ever closer to my feet. Yup, see....awake. Ouch.


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