Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow, etc.

So it has finally decided to be winter in New England. Saturday & Sunday's storm dropped around 16 inches of the fluffy stuff in Henniker. I need to contact the Cape relatives and see how they fared -- 3 feet down there I heard. Yesterday I shoveled. And shoveled. And shoveled some more. And it's really cold still, too. I had hoped to go out snowshoeing yesterday but the wind was whipping around so much I decided to stay in. I made bread, pugilese, out of the Bread Bible (it's the one on the cover -- yum!), worked on the Kimono shawl (picture soon, I promise) and did a silly Viking braid-cuffed mitten out of some of the indigo-dyed yarn from last week. I started up the indigo vat again and did a bunch more yarn for Laura -- this batch came out much deeper blue. Doug is coming over for dinner tonight and he has been advised to bring yarn to "indigofy." That vat just keeps going and going! I also started a new batch of rock-tripe lichen -- should be ready to make purple at the end of February/early March.

Saturday night was the SCRAP party at the State Library. Good to see lots of people -- Travis was back from Iraq and Pat & Kurt came down from Jefferson even though one of the goats (cashmere!) had two kids on Saturday morning, male & female named Paris & Twilla, respectively. A good (and cold) time was had by all.

This morning there were turkeys in the driveway again -- one of them flew up to the top of one of the big pine trees on the far side of the field. I think they must fly like that huge new European airplaine -- way too heavy to be up in the air. Gravity doesn't work like that.


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Just dicovered your blog and wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading about your various pursuits. I am particularly interested in how you like your bread book. I am really trying to bake all our own bread at home and I think my family is getting tired of bricks. I really need some pointers and have been looking for a good book that might be of some help to me. Let me know your thoughts.


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