Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I did it!

The Fiber Studio 2005 Spring-Summer class schedule came in the mail this morning. The first class listed is an 8-week evening class on weaving on 4-harness looms. I know the basics of weaving and have done it before, but have never had a class and tend to make things harder for myself than I should. I want to be a better weaver. So I signed up!

Then there's the knitting. I am getting bored with the Kimono shawl. It seems to be at that stage where it isn't growing, no matter how much I work on it. Nor is the new licheny/rock koigu yarn as interesting as I had hoped with the shawl pattern I am using -- I think I will take it out and lovingly return the koigu to the stash until I can find a more appropriate rock-like pattern. The gansey sampler is coming along quickly. I have only one sleeve, the neck, and finishing left to do, since I sat down and worked on it like a crazed fiend while Laura took Ellie back to school on Sunday, thereby making me a poor knit-along partner since I am now way ahead of her...In any case, I'm setting that one aside for a while, too until she catches up.

So, bolstered by one of Yarn Harlot's commenters who recently told her to embrace starting new projects and not feel guilty about it, I started a new lace scarf last night. See the cover of the Winter 2004 Spin-Off for the pattern (I REALLY like this pattern). I am using some laceweight merino & silk yarn that I spun from roving that came from The Copper Moth -- the color is called "twig" -- a soft brown wool with shots of pale blue/gray silk.

Oh, and I was bad. I finally decided to order from Knit Picks. Of course I had to order more than $30 worth of yarn because then I could get free shipping. SO I ordered 6 hanks of laceweight white merino (a total of 2640 yards!) for dye experiments and three hanks of baby alpaca laceweight in the "autumn" colorway. All of this came out to just over the requisite $30. Knit Picks is an evil stash-building enabler.

In other news, the Sugaring Off tour training at Ipswich River went really well and I am so excited about leading groups there. Such a great place to work (sigh....) If you are in the Topsfield, Mass. area on the weekends of March 5-6, 12-13 or 19-20, come on over to the Sanctuary and sample some syrup!

Laura and I went snowshoeing on Sunday -- it was gorgeous with the heavy wet snow hanging on the trees. We could hear a woodpecker nearby and headed in that direction -- when we got nearer, I could tell which tree it was without seeing the bird because the vibrations in the tree were so loud as I passed it. It felt really neat, too.

John drew me a blue-spotted salamander wearing a hat and knitting a scarf for "Valentine's Day." I really hate Valentine's Day, so the lack of flowers/candy/jewelry from him was great -- he listens sometimes. I gave him a rock -- labradorite.


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