Friday, February 04, 2005

Kick me

Will someone please?

I have a case of the blahs AND I have been in a bit of a fiber slump. I (gasp) haven't knitted or spun anything for two whole days. This is all Carl Hiaasen's fault...

I am almost done with my faux-koigu floppy hat and then I will go back to the Kimono shawl. I did go to Laura's twined knitting class on Tuesday night because my car was in the shop again and she was my ride. It was really nice to sit around and knit with people, so went to online yesterday and joined the Concord Area Knitting Group that meets at Borders on Sunday afternoons and monthly at the Ewe.

The kittens, (OK, mostly Abbey) have been being exceptionally persistant lately in finding balls of roving and unwinding them all over the living room floor. When I got home last night I found mutilated zip-lock of angora in the dining room. Mind you, these things were up on shelves, supposedly out of reach of said kittens. They're laughing at me, aren't they?

And then I got to work today and someone had taken a BB gun to the big glass windows of the Visitor's Center, shattering four of them. Just what we need.

On the brighter side, last night I made some okay multigrain bread and tried making yogurt again -- it worked this time! Also discovered the joys of reading by lanternlight while sitting in the hot tub. Some sticky clumpy snow fell overnight, coating all tree limbs. It was really beautiful on the drive in to work. Tomorrow Mom and I are going over to Vermont to a quilt shop that specializes in Bali batiks. The plan is to find one with salamanders or lizards that could pass for them.


Blogger Amie said...

I don't think there is such a place that is out of the reach of kittens. When my Trevor was about 8 months old, he broke into one of my kitchen cabinets, pulled down a box of spaghetti (that was on a shelf that I needed a stool to reach) OPENED it, and spread it all around the apartment. I came home from work to find him carrying uncooked spaghetti around like a new toy.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! We don't have cats indoors anymore. But when we did, my cats would ignore wool and mohair. But the could detect the smallest amount of angora and search and destroy!


9:14 AM  

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