Sunday, February 06, 2005

Springy Weekend

So its only the beginning of February and it has been in the 40's for the last two days -- can we keep it? Yesterday Mom and I had a great day -- we went over to Vermont to a nice little fabric shop that she had heard about. We didn't find any salamander fabric as we had hoped (but plenty of lizards & geckos, but they looked too much like lizards & geckos to bother with) They did, however, have a lovely selection of frog fabrics, so I decided I should have a coat with snippets of different frog fabrics to wear for pond programs and purchased 1/4 yard lengths of several prints. They also had the vegetable prints that I liked from Keepsake Quilting in fat quarter cuts, so I bought carrot, mushroom, asparagus and red pepper prints to make napkins.

Then we went into Bellows Falls and had lunch at a cute little place called the Happy Cat Cafe, which was decked out in cat stuff and had great chocolate chip cookies and black bean burritos. Then back across the river to NH and up to Newport (we decided it was quicker to get back that way), until I remembered there was a yarn shop there that I had heard of but never been to: Hodgepodge Handicrafts (who doesn't appear to have a web page I can link you to). So we found it and it sucked us in and made me buy a whole big bag of white shetland roving, so I can cease to exploit Laura's supply of wool (yeah, that's it...) The shop also had lots of yarns from local farms, consignment knitted things, wheels (Majacraft dealer, for future reference), and lots of roving. The woman who owns it said that the building has been in the family for years as a furniture store and that over the years she has slowly replaced the furniture with yarn. They had a sweet Jack Russell/Sheltie pup named Henry who really liked to tug at my pantlegs...

So then we headed home to tea with Doug and Laura who spent the day painting the apartment. I delved into the new shetland and by bedtime had one skein. I also finished my faux-koigu floppy hat (no picture available -- it's too silly looking). But here is Abbey with the yarn, at least, and one of the completed mittens:

Today flew by way too fast because I slept later than I would have liked, sat around drinking tea and knitting (oh, alright, I started a new project -- a shawl (what else) with the rocky-licheny-colored koigu. I started it using the Fiber Trends landscape shawl pattern with the picot edges, but went immediately to the seed stitch and will continue for quite a while and do some sort of lace inset thing later on -- I don't know yet). But I really wanted to go outside, so I cleaned out my car while the big, predatory Jungle Cat (Abbey) danced around outside in the mud and snow. Twilly, who prefers the quiet life, only ventured out for a bit and not far from the porch (she really wanted to be inside practicing one of her new favorite hobbies, which Laura caught her in the act of recently):

So after all that excitement and a lot of miscellaneous puttering around, I put my spinning wheel out on the porch:

and spun up some more shetland and some of the brown wool that Laura was kind enough to wash for me. It was SO nice outside (please note the lack of socks)...aaaah....but alas, I know it's not the real thing yet.

We took a walk down to the end of the driveway with Mena and Asterix so that we wouldn't feel like complete sloths and then spent some more time on the porch until it got prohibitively cold (the temp dropped really fast!) Now it's tea time & Carl Hiaasen time. Please don't make me go to work tomorrow.


Blogger Liz said...

Love the fact that you were spinning barefoot in February! I live in Maine and it's just as warm here, but I haven't gone barefoot. Yet.

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