Thursday, March 10, 2005

10 days & counting...

I'm getting a little tired of has been so cold and snowy in the last couple of days and everyone except the cats seems to have a sniffly cold... And windy! You wouldn't believe how much snow comes in under the doors and through the window cracks in the old, old buildings at the Village! But I shouldn't complain -- the early signs of spring are definitely here -- sap has been running in the maples (well not in the last 4 days, but last weekend at least) and at IRWS the red-wing blackbirds are back and were making quite a racket when I was there on Sunday for the first maple sugaring tours! I thought it would liven things up a bit, too, to have our pre-schoolers plant seeds tomorrow that we can watch them grow for the rest of our six-week session!

I did a spinning presentation this morning for 3 classes of first graders at the school I used to work at...we read Charlie Needs a Cloak and they watched me card, spin on a drop spindle and my wheel. They were all so excited! I love it when they raise their hands to ask a question and end up telling a long (if somewhat confusing) story about someone they know or something they saw that somehow relates to what we are talking about -- it all makes perfect sense in their heads and they want to share!!

No progress on Laura's Aran sweater, a bit of progress on the Kimono shawl (I am so determined to finish it...only 2 balls of yarn to go!), and I will admit that I got a copy of Interweave Knits Summer 2004 issue because of Nancy Bush's Madli Shawl (Estonian lace) ...which I suppose I also have to admit to starting (as a scarf) with some of the Knitpicks white sockweight. The border went fine, but I think I am I just really dense when it comes to the main section of the pattern because I messed it up so many times...

Oh, and check out what Laura, Doug & I did last weekend....Laura is famous! She even taught the reporter how to spin!

Last night I was talking to John on the phone and ventured out to the as-of-yet-unrented apartment that is attached to the house to check on my worms. They (in their worm box, of course) have been living in the apartment bathroom for the winter because they had a near-miss freezing accident when I forgot to move them off the porch in the fall. Anyway, I went into the bathroom and discovered that sometime in the recent past (I don't check on them all that often -- they're pretty low maintenance) there was an Escape. I don't know why or how, but probably about 50 of the little buggers got out of the worm box, made down onto the tile and promptly shriveled up and died. Not just that, but the bottom pan of the worm bin was rather full of worms -- they must have migrated down there to look for food. So I had to hang up on John, and spend the next 15 minutes scooping handfuls of muddy worms (some quite small) back up to the proper bin level, feed them, and pray for spring so I can empty about 2/3 of the box into the big outside compost bin to start a worm colony there and give those in the box a little more breathing room. I think the worm composting box will be going to work with me for the summer for kids to throw in their apple cores and maybe start to think that worms are pretty cool little dudes after all....Poor John, though...I don't think he ever thought he would have a girlfriend that would have to hang up on him to go deal with a "worm crisis"!

And finally, I received a package in the mail a couple of days ago from the shelter where I adopted Twilly and Abbey. Twilly had been a stray that had only been there for 3 days, but Abbey had been born there because her pregnant mother had been brought in. Anyway, a worker at the shelter took pictures of the litter of kittens from Day One and assembled a little album that she sent to me -- Abbey's baby pictures! Isn't that the nicest thing?


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