Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's melting, it's melting!

Today it topped 50 degrees outside -- could someone write me a note so I don't have to go to work on the next day like this? I did leave work an hour early today & raced home to maximize my outside time! There was a roaring noise coming from the normally little stream to the east of the house, and indeed it is nearly overflowing its banks:

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I collected the sap (about a gallon) and sat outside with the cats for a while, but as soon as the sun set it got very cold, so here I am blogging. Abbey, for whom we nearly had to call in the fire department for a rescue mission, is loving this outside thing:

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Our animal neighbors are starting to show themselves, too -- I startled a sweet little possum last night when I drove in the driveway, a bear has ripped off one of our birdfeeders, and several deer were out browsing in the field this morning. Still no "Big Night" for amphibians that I know of, but they had one in Massachusetts on Monday night, so it should be soon!

The picture in the last entry of the Flower Basket Shawl was so dark -- I deleted it and meant to re-take it right away, but then I went to Cape Cod for the weekend to visit my Grandpa and ended up finishing the shawl while I was there! So here is a bright enough picture of the finished & blocked FBS:

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Laura & I started our 8-week weaving course last night at the Fiber Studio. The first project is a sampler of sorts, so we warped our looms with 2 yards of cotton carpet warp to make a 10-inch wide piece. The warping instruction was what I was really looking forward to because I have had several disastrous warping experiences. The way Pam showed us how to do it made it all much, much neater! Next week we start weaving!


Anonymous Jessica said...

I really love the colors in your finished FBS. I skimmed alot of your recent posts and couldn't find mention of what yarn you used. I might have just missed it in my rush but I love to know. I'm thinking of knitting another one myself right now a bit larger than my last to be a real shawl instead of a large scarf and would love recommendations.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I'm hoping that by now you're all melted. Been in NJ for a week, and came back to find all the snow gone (but lots of water in the cellar - not so good). Your FBS looks great, especially in the natural light.

Love the shot of Abbey in the's classic! :)

12:58 PM  

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