Sunday, April 03, 2005

Great poem

"A Paper Mill near German-Town doth stand,
So that the Flax, which first springs from the Land,
First Flax, then Yarn, and then they must begin,
To weave the same, which they took pains to spin.
Also, when on our backs it is well worn,
Some of the same remains Ragged and Torn;
Then of those Rags our Paper is made,
Which in process of time doth waste and fade;
So what comes from the Earth, appeareth plain,
The same in Time returns to the Earth again."

Poem by Richard Frame; Printed by William Bradford in 1692 in his"A Short Description of Pennsylvania." Someone at work asked me to look up internet sources on how to process flax and this was on one of the pages. Those people had it goin' on....none of this throw-away society stuff.


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