Saturday, May 14, 2005


Today was really, really fun. There were actual people at the museum today. Actual people! After all those long winter months it is so nice to see real, breathing people again! I think I've started breathing again, too -- it seems a lot less stressful now that we are actually open again. All went well today; I had to cover one tour for someone who went too long on their first tour, but otherwise just fine. Since it was our first Garden Days weekend, we had the Soil Tunnel (Kids loved it!) on loan to us from the Merrimack County Conservation District in the Family Activity Center along with seed planting, decorating Shaker-style seed packets, some garden-themed stories, and my composting worms, among other things. Attendance could have been higher but attendance is usually a bell-curve anway. We finished the day with a wonderful barn dance in our brandy-new (and gorgeous) Garden Barn -- a reconstructed version of the 1828 post & beam barn that used to stand there (it even uses most of the original foundation). We had Two Fiddles from up the road with us doing the calling & fiddling & the bugs weren't bad at all!

I came home to find a beautiful white 5 1/2 lb. Cormo fleece with my name on it -- an early birthday present from Laura, Doug, and Pat who, (lucky ducks) got to spend the day at the NH Sheep & Wool Festival. I have long wanted a nice fleece to process all the way through (i.e. no vegetable matter, second cuts, etc.) and this is it!

Oh right, one other thing....silly me....last night I met Laura at the Elegant Ewe in Concord because they were having a bookbookbook signing with none other than Stephanie the Yarn Harlot. And she knew people who knew Laura & seven of us ended up going to dinner with her! She really is quite funny...lots of Canadian humour! Heeheehee!


Blogger Liz said...

Lucky you with the new fleece! A friend gave me a Suffolk fleece but it has so much veg matter that I don't know what I can do with it, besides mulch the garden. I'm hoping to get one at the Maine Fiber Frolic next month.

Sounds like your opening weekend was fantastic...i love the soil tunnel!!!

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