Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hot, humid, sticky, muggy, etc.

I've been a bad blogger! Truth is, I just haven't really felt like sitting in front of the computer lately. Things have been pretty crazy around here! Lots going on at work, including the Director resigning effective Sept. 12 (after my boss resigned in June, and all of the CfTA folks leaving, too!). And then Sunday my grandparents arrived to move into their new house a few miles down the road. No sooner had they arrived when my grandfather fell in the garage and broke his 3rd lumbar vertebra. The ambulance pulled in at the same time as the moving van! So he's been in the hospital and we've been back and forth to see him and trying to help unpack boxes when we can. Today they injected some crazy superglue-cement stuff into his back and it fused the break so now he can get up and walk, just like that! When I went to see him tonight after work he said he thought they would discharge him tomorrow (he did this just so he could get out of unpacking...:))

Chickens are well and the garden is growing. I've been snatching almost full grown peas from the vine here and there, and Eleanor, Laura's daughter, has green beans in her garden. Mom has been keeping me stocked with lettuce from her garden, too, and some really spicy radishes also.

Sunday I am teaching my first-ever spinning workshop (scroll down from "July" to July 23 to read about it!) at work. I have eight people registered, which was my maximum enrollment. Tonight I went and bought roving for them -- gray romney. We'll start out with hooks and drop spindles, then I'll have them do "homework" and produce some yarn during the week. The following Saturday I'll introduce wheels and get going on those. Not a lot of time -- 4 hours in total, but I think we'll get the basics, anyway. I'm thinking of starting a craft group at the Village so maybe these folks will want to participate!

Not a lot else going on -- I think tomorrow evening I'm going up to Center Harbor to get the grand tour of the CfTA building, and help do something, I hope. They closed on the building on Tuesday and immediately started ripping up the carpeting. Guess what? Wood floors underneath....:)


Blogger Liz said...

Glad your grandpa is okay....isn't it mindboggling some of the things doctors can do these days? Injecting crazy glue-cement stuff into his back?! (I am such an old geezer on the inside...these kinds of things amaze me).

Good luck with your spinning workshop! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

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