Saturday, July 02, 2005


This morning I picked 18 pounds of strawberries at a local strawberry farm and now the kitchen is a red juicy mess as it all gets made into jam!

Camp is over with -- whew! And just when I thought things were going to settle down at work I found out on Thursday that a very good friend is leaving at the end of the month to start his own business with some other disgruntled current and former museum craft demonstrators. They are calling it the Center for Traditional Arts and will be an organization to teach woodworking, textiles and other traditional skills through workshops, school outreach, etc. They will also have a storefront to sell the things they and other craftspeople make. Doesn't that sound GREAT?!?! That is exactly the kind of thing I want to do -- I definitely don't want to stay at the museum forever. It's been hard to deal with things there lately and I haven't been able to concentrate on doing my real job -- kid's programming -- since I am always dealing with the people leaving, financial issues, etc. The place is imploding. And even though I just found out that we got a substantial donation to keep me on staff for the next five years, I really don't want to stay. I would love for this new venture to be something I could become increasingly involved in. For now it'll be lonely as hell around the museum but am really, really, really happy for him -- he'll get a chance to get back into furniture making which he has had no time for working there.


Blogger Liz said...

That is a serious quanitity of berries, Sarah. what kind of pectin do you use? I'll be jammin tomorrow with my homegrown berries. Ah, summer.

There is a school in Maine similar to what your friend is doing (but I think just furniture), and it is VERY SUCCESSFUL. It's nice to hear that the same sort of thing is happening in NH.

It's funny...knowing that I could be kept on for the next five years somewhere would feel so suffocating, especially if things are imploding. Better to stick with it for as long as it's palatable, and hope your friend's business takes off!

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