Saturday, April 15, 2006

Amphibians on the move...

No Big Night yet, but there are some signs that our amphibian friends are out and about. I led a vernal pool walk today and saw 3 red-back salamanders, 2 adult eastern spotted newts, a green frog slowly emerging from its winter hole, several masses of wood frogs eggs, and could hear the woodfrogs clearly, though we didn't see any up close. One of the people in the group thought he saw a spotted salamander swimming in the water, but no confirmation and no salamander egg masses yet.

The forsythia is blooming today, as are the daffodils and maple trees.

On the fiber front, I have all but finished warping the Harrisville loom for dishtowels. I just need someone to help me roll the warp onto the back beam because I can't keep tension on (and untangle) the warp from the front and turn the back crank at the same time by myself.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not yet...

Thought last night was going to be a Big Night for amphibians - I went out looking with the flashlight but I think it stopped raining too early and may have been a bit too cold. I did hear some distant woodfrogs and a few peepers! Soon, soon, soon! Today I had a vernal pool walk but only one family showed up - maybe next Saturday will be more busy. It wasn't the most pleasant weather today, not raining, but raw.

I did manage to start working on my sister's wedding is the Bird's Nest shawl out of Folk Shawls in pale blue Silky Wool (Elsebeth Lavold).

And I did receive my new Ashford Joy via UPS on Tuesday! It's the best!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Random Update

Gosh, it's been a while. Pretty busy around here lately - I've been out and about too much to blog! I'll summarize the highlights...First, just to follow up from the last post, I did finish the back of Laura's sweater for the "Olympics" and now have a bit of the front done as well. We did our first Sheep Shearing Day on March 11 and had 200 people visit and learn about fiber/fiber arts (and see our sheep get shorn, poor guys!); Sugaring Off walks on March 25 drew in about 140 people, too. I'm really starting to notice that after about 2 1/2 years, people are catching on to our family programming at the museum.

I broke down and ordered and Ashford Joy from Copper Moose...according to UPS tracking it will be here tomorrow. They'd better be right! (I couldn't stand banging up my Traditional as I haul it around with me).

Still haven't warped the loom.

Still haven't started my dress for my sister's wedding.

But I did block out my Pi Shawl (will try to post a picture soon).

I went to Plimoth Plantation this weekend and also watched harbor seals sunning themselves in the warm spring sun in Manomet.

Speaking of which - IT'S SPRING!! Right now I'm all excited about my garden - I have most seeds, still need to order tomato and pepper seeds. Poplar trees are in flower, bulbs are pushing their way up, water is running, robins are out in the fields, red-wing blackbirds are at the pond, woodcocks are saying "peent, peent" in the evening. When I was in Manomet I heard peepers and woodfrogs....could be a Big Night soon!