Saturday, April 15, 2006

Amphibians on the move...

No Big Night yet, but there are some signs that our amphibian friends are out and about. I led a vernal pool walk today and saw 3 red-back salamanders, 2 adult eastern spotted newts, a green frog slowly emerging from its winter hole, several masses of wood frogs eggs, and could hear the woodfrogs clearly, though we didn't see any up close. One of the people in the group thought he saw a spotted salamander swimming in the water, but no confirmation and no salamander egg masses yet.

The forsythia is blooming today, as are the daffodils and maple trees.

On the fiber front, I have all but finished warping the Harrisville loom for dishtowels. I just need someone to help me roll the warp onto the back beam because I can't keep tension on (and untangle) the warp from the front and turn the back crank at the same time by myself.


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