Sunday, May 14, 2006

I made it!

Yes! I got to go to the NH Sheep and Wool festival! (I had to take a somewhat advanced emergency first aid/CPR class in order to get our summer camp license and it was scheduled for 9:00-3:30 on Saturday, but got out early at 2:00 so I zoomed to the fairgrounds!) I got there at 3:00ish, an hour before the gates closed, and ran through the flooded fairgrounds to find Doug, Laura & Pat's booth. Laura took me to the next barn to see some solid-colored sock yarn and on the way I became enamored with a 1 lb. bump of heathery rose-colored romney/blue-faced leicester/corriedale roving. I reached for my checkbook.....and it was gone! So was my Mastercard and my car keys. Yikes! So I turned and re-traced my steps to the entrance gate where the nice lady said someone had extracted said items from a puddle and turned them in. Whew! Luckily the other nice lady with the roving accepted my soggy check, as did Pat when I decided that an ounce of taupe cashmere from her dear goats was also on my spinning horizons. I also got to meet Mamacate, on whose blog I have been lurking, and was kissed on the cheek by a very sweet alpaca. Doug, Laura, Cindy, Pat and I returned to Laura's house for some spinning, eating and talking to cats - a pleasant evening.

Today I am at work at the Admissions desk because we are open for the season now. Except it's raining a lot in central NH this weekend - up to a foot of rain in some places. At least it's not snow, but there is a lot of flooding. People don't do the outdoor history museum thing in weather like this. Oh least the lilacs are blooming.


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