Friday, May 05, 2006

Overdue update on spring...

So there was a Big Night on Sunday, April 23 (and probably Saturday, but I wasn't home to go check it out). We went down the trail behind the Trustee's office at about 9:00 with a flashlight and didn't see any spotteds at all. At the first pool we didn't see anything at first, and then.....we realized they were EVERYWHERE in the water! I've never seen so many salamanders in my whole life. We lost count. At the second pool we checked out a corner where I had seen some egg masses already and again saw a whole tangle of adults in the water and I was able to pick one up out of the water to hold for a minute - it's amazing how strong those guys are! The last pool probably had the highest population density - there was a branch in the water and it was absolutely swarmed with salamanders! No wood frogs seen, but they had already been out laying eggs (which at this point have hatched and there are tiny tadpoles in all the pools).

We have new baby chicks here -- see Laura's blog for some photos of her portion of the brood. We had to order a minimum of 25, so Laura took 9 and our land manager here at the museum is going to take about a dozen, leaving the rest of them here. We got the rare breeds mix from Murray McMurray so it is going to be interesting! I'm sure we have one White Crested Black Polish, a White Laced Red Cornish and some miscellaneous bantams.

Working on getting my garden together - not quite warm enough yet to put anything in the ground, and I need to prepare a patch up there. I'm so excited that I have HUGE compost piles to apply this year!

The museum opens a week from tomorrow - yikes! This winter has flown by. I need to get the Family Center up and running, but can't set anything up until we have the carpet cleaners come in. Until then it's just piles and lists of things to do.

The leaves are out enough now that you can hear the wind swish through them. Also heard the first tree frogs singing along with the peepers last night and noticed yesterday that the apple blossoms are about to pop!

I'll try to be better about posting, but there is so much to do!!


Blogger Liz said...

I keep meaning to get out to our vernal pond to check on activity, but there is so much else to do!

Have you noticed blackflies early this year, or do you not have them at the Village?

8:44 AM  

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