Monday, October 09, 2006

Paddling the Nemasket

Saturday Chris and I went canoeing on the Nemasket River in Middleboro, MA. He is working on an archaeological contract project in the area and, though we didn't go with them, were inspired to go canoeing because he had heard that this tour was being offered the same day.

We put in at the Oliver Mill and headed downstream. The fall colors were lovely and it was nice and sunny and warm. Well, so much for archaeology...most of the cool things we saw were faunal - a great blue heron that flew ahead of us most of the way, a painted turtle in the water, three deer swimming across, an eagle's nest on a high-tension power line tower, a baby salamander under a log where we stopped for lunch, lots of birds (including a wayward Muscovy duck), and a very cool colonial-era (I think) stone bridge that was a bit of a challenge to get under.

We paddled all the way down to where the Nemasket empties into the Taunton River and upstream a ways on the Taunton to pull out and have lunch. Then we headed back to the Nemasket and all the way back upstream (thankfully, very little current for my tired arms to fight against) and got back to Oliver Mill just as it was getting dark. It was a fun trip (though my canoe steering skills leave much to be desired - not that much experience, plus I got busy looking around at all the cool things there are to see and tended to steer us into the bank or a log or something - sorry dude!). Future trips now being planned!


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