Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Yellows

There are so many things growing and in bloom it is hard to keep up! The daffodils are out in full, the forsythia is noticeably yellower today than yesterday, but still mostly buds. Also, dandelions! The bats are out, Sunday night I heard a woodcock out by the garden, and there are painted turtles galore sunning themselves down by the pond.

Projects…I spent part of the weekend at Laura’s house where we encouraged one another to quit procrastinating and get something done on our myriad projects. I got the top of my blue and brown quilt finished, though I am displeased with it…I had a hard time with the ease on the curves and it puckers. Perhaps when it is quilted it will behave better.

And we spend a considerable amount of time on the porch knitting, too. I finished the Gunnister Gloves for PP…they are washed and blocked, though the dye (cochineal) on one of them washed out more than the other, so it will have another bath before I turn them in.

Last night I made some cloth napkins in appropriate spring yellows and greens out of some fat quarters:

Oh, and I set up a hammock on my screened porch, so if anyone is looking for me between now and say, October, that is where I am likely to be!

Friday, April 18, 2008

And Woodfrogs and Peepers!

Quite a racket last night....it would have been better if the restaurant hadn't been open doing some event (lots of cars in and out...noisy). But sure enough, there were woodfrogs quacking away and peepers peeping!

I took my other group of homeschoolers to the little island as well, and we got equally soaked. There were many more newts visible than on Wednesday - wer're talking HUNDREDS of newts! I really want to go camping out there - soon.

Daffodils are blooming up by East House.

And I did find the brown fabric for my blue & brown quilt. Washed it last night, so will perhaps cut the pieces out tonight, then work on it and maybe my big quilt at Laura's over the weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday I took my homeschoolers out for an adventure....there is a small, lovely, blueberry-covered island about 20 feet from the shore of one of the ponds, and a very shallow, rocky crossing place. Most of them were wearing rubber boots, and I piggy-backed the other two with sneakers. Well, we all got soaked anyway, but it was so warm that no one was in danger of freezing to death.

But the best part - the newts (Eastern Spotted, that is) are out! There was still quite a bit of ice on the pond, but there in the shallow bits were the newts, sunning themselves.

There were peepers galore in Plymouth this weekend, but none here yet that I've heard, though I didn't go out to listen last night.

Also in Plymouth this weekend I visited the PP Embroiderers. I had been reading the blog, but WOW in real life. I sat with them for about 3 hours and knitted while they stitched. I now have one glove done, and the gauntlet cuff done on the other. The yarn is handspun, dyed with cochineal and it rubs off on my fingers, turning them purple.

Oh, and the rhubarb and chives are coming up in the garden.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Blue & Brown

I spent the weekend at Laura's house working on projects. To her dismay, I seem to be obsessed with blue & brown these days. I decided to make the Color Wheel Quilt from "Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts" but with the color wheel in all blues and the background a deep, dark chocolate brown. I had about 40 blues in my stash, but only enough of about 35 of them. So I had to visit the Henniker quilt shop and buy 17 eighths (you need 52 wedges) to complete the wheel. Then I thought it would be easy to find the dark brown. No. Way. Even Keepsake didn't have what I was looking for. Grrr. Anyway, here is the blue part:

blue color wheel

It is actually still in four separate pieces in this picture...you have to put the inner circle wedges and outside border on before you sew it together, which, at this rate, with brown apparently being impossible to find, could be a while yet. (The dark one at about four o'clock in the picture look out of place, but it is actually a dark teal silk and fits in just fine when you see it in real life).

I'm also making the "Follow the Lines" quilt for my new baby step-niece out of a big flowery pink and brown print....

And I finished a pair of socks this weekend out of Trekking Hand Art colorway "Jamaika" (very bright!) Thanks for the yarn, Laura!

Also, good news, Michael picked up the yarn from the PP costume department for me to start knitting gloves. But he says he's holding it hostage until I finish some other projects.

Saturday I went to a flea market with Mom & Ed and picked up a jug of antique buttons - there were lots of ones I will probably end up using with students for craft projects, but I bought it for the treasures! Probably about 20 antique porcelain, some interesting glass, mother-of-pearl, and quite a few hand-drilled bone buttons, too.

Crocuses are up, and daffodils are on their way. Rivers are flooding. Definitely spring bird songs.