Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday I took my homeschoolers out for an adventure....there is a small, lovely, blueberry-covered island about 20 feet from the shore of one of the ponds, and a very shallow, rocky crossing place. Most of them were wearing rubber boots, and I piggy-backed the other two with sneakers. Well, we all got soaked anyway, but it was so warm that no one was in danger of freezing to death.

But the best part - the newts (Eastern Spotted, that is) are out! There was still quite a bit of ice on the pond, but there in the shallow bits were the newts, sunning themselves.

There were peepers galore in Plymouth this weekend, but none here yet that I've heard, though I didn't go out to listen last night.

Also in Plymouth this weekend I visited the PP Embroiderers. I had been reading the blog, but WOW in real life. I sat with them for about 3 hours and knitted while they stitched. I now have one glove done, and the gauntlet cuff done on the other. The yarn is handspun, dyed with cochineal and it rubs off on my fingers, turning them purple.

Oh, and the rhubarb and chives are coming up in the garden.


Anonymous Jill said...

Thanks for the link. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I'm glad you had a good afternoon. I felt a little guilty later, I got so wrapped up in getting to embroider (only the second time in this whole project) that I wasn't a very good hostess. Please come again!

8:53 PM  

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